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Graphene Oxide Powder
Product Introduction:
Graphene oxide powder is formed by folding of single graphene oxide. Due to the existence of folding structure, there are micropores and mesopores between graphene oxide sheets, which reduce the stacking between sheets and improve its dispersion and solvent wettability. Traditional graphene powders are prepared by liquid phase exfoliation, oxidation pyrolysis or biomass conversion. They are highly stacked flake graphene materials, which can not give full play to the advantages of single-layer graphene. By controlling the preparation process, the density, specific surface area, oxygen content, defect degree and other parameters of graphene oxide powder can be adjusted to meet the application requirements in different fields.
Product Performance

Product Advantages

Not easy to stack,Good dispersion.

The density, specific surface area, oxygen content and defect degree of the powder can be controlled.

Wide source of raw materials, low cost.

Highly folded structure, abundant pore structure.

Application Field

Graphene oxide powder can be compounded with most polymer materials with good dispersion, which can improve the strength, modulus, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, far infrared emission and other properties of the materials; Graphene oxide powder has broad prospects in supercapacitor, battery, catalyst carrier and many other fields due to its wrinkled structure and abundant pore structure; Graphene oxide powder can be used as lubricating oil additive to improve the performance and durability of lubricating oil; It can be used to prepare graphene based coatings, air purification filter elements, oil absorption materials, etc.

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