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Healthy and multifunctional Graphene composite fiber
The world's first IGCC certified single-layer graphene oxide
The world's only single-layer graphene oxide modified fiber with IGCC certification
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    IGCC certification
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Six health functions in one
Infrared health care
The 4-16 micron far-infrared rays are called "life rays", and their energy can resonate with human cells and tissues to accelerate blood circulation and metabolism. It can effectively relieve fatigue, anti-oxidation, purify toxins in the body to improve human immunity. At the same time, it can increase muscle elasticity, and the fibers can warm the human body gently, make people more energetic and reduce the formation of cellulite.
UV protection
Ultraviolet radiation in the wavelength range of 290-400 nanometers will cause the skin to produce a large number of free radicals, leading to peroxidation of the cell membrane, and causing melanocytes to produce more melanin. Graphene functional fibers can shield ultraviolet rays, protect the skin from sunburn, and reduce the risk of skin cancer.
Negative ion generation
As a piezoelectric material, graphene is capable of releasing abundant negative ions. And graphene functional fiber is safe and environmentally friendly.
Negative ions are called "vitamins of the air" and have two major functions:
1. Air purification: remove dust and decompose harmful gases.
2.Health care: improve brain function, increase body immunity, promote metabolism, regulate nerve function, eliminate fatigue, slow heart rate, reducing blood pressure of hypertensive patients tends to normal level, and can also strengthen the ciliary movement of the respiratory surface.
Antibacterial and bacteriostatic
The excellent antibiosis of graphene functional fiber can significantly eliminate the odor caused by bacteria, meanwhile avoid bacterial reproduction to a certain extent and reduce the risk of re-transmission. Furthermore, the antibacterial property reduces the risk of skin diseases, speeds up the recovery of skin wounds and improves personal hygiene conditions.
Human mites are generally parasitic in human hair follicles and cortical glands. Long-term research has found that people with high levels of mites can cause diseases, and even if they do not cause disease, they also affect the beauty effect. Mite parasitism can cause various skin problems such as acne, acne, red bumps, itching, etc. Graphene functional fiber has the function of inhibiting the growth of mites and reducing the skin problems caused by mites. This feature is especially suitable for home textiles and other products that cannot be washed frequently.
Four advantages highlight cost-e ffectiveness
The world’s first monolayer graphene oxide certificated by IGCC
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