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Graphene electric heating products
The world's first IGCC certified Single layer graphene oxide
The world's only single layer graphene oxide modified fiber with IGCC certification
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    IGCC certification
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Advantages of water-based graphene slurry
Golden independently researches and develops water-based electric heating slurry with adjustable square resistance and controllable thickness, leading the new trend of electric heating products.
Environmental protection
The water-based slurry does not contain harmful ingredients, and each production joint has zero discharge, zero pollution, and zero residue
During use, it does not volatilize harmful gases and does not irritate the skin. It is suitable for people with sensitive physiques.
Graphene heating sheet5big advantages
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Safety and environmental protection
Generally use 3.7V, 5V, 12V, 24V, 36V, which are lower than the safety voltage of human body, and use pure water as the solvent to prepare the water-based Graphene heating film. There is no harmful gas volatilization, no harmful electromagnetic radiation during production, processing and use, and it is green and environmentally friendly. idea
Rapid heating/uniform heating
Energy saving: The conversion efficiency of electric heating is 99%, and almost all electric energy is converted into heat energy, which saves 15-20% energy compared with traditional heating elements.
Fast heating: Compared with carbon fiber and metal composite wire, Graphene heating film has a second heating performance. It does not wait for heating. It heats up quickly in 3 seconds and reaches working temperature within 30 seconds.
Even heating: even heat distribution, there will be no local overheating of metal wires and carbon fibers, causing discomfort to the human body, or even the risk of personal injury.
Flexible, 360°folding
It is as light as a thin wing, soft, with super flexibility, no dead angle bends, and almost no influence on temperature uniformity.
Graphene heating sheet far-infrared therapeutic effect
Graphene is a conjugated benzene ring structure, which has strong infrared absorption in the wavelength of 5-15 microns, and is an ideal far-infrared radiation material. The released infrared rays can directly penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissues, promote the expansion of capillaries, and accelerate blood circulation and metabolism. At the same time, it can effectively improve the body's immunity, and has the effects of relieving fatigue, repelling cold and pain.
Long service life
The core material of the highly flexible electric heating film is graphene. Graphene with a wide particle size distribution can be self-repaired by multiple contacts when bent at any angle, so as to ensure low power attenuation, stable heating, rejection of oxidation, breaking and other problems, and service life Up to 50000h.
The world’s first single-tier certification to support R&D incubation applications
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